Sunday, March 16, 2008


By the end of last week the girls were having much more frequent than usual meltd0wns, which told me that I needed to step back abit from the decluttering/getting house ready to put on the market, and focus on them abit more. And we still seem to be fighting off some bugs, I had a stomach thing on Monday & L had it Thurs night during the night (but woke up fine).

So . . . decluttering this week, we sent another load home with Mom & Dad on Friday, so all that is currently ready to go now is furniture type stuff, guess I better get busy this week & get some more boxes packed LOL.

Some of what I sent home w/ Mom & Dad is their's, a dresser that we've had in our guest room, and a guinea pig cage that we used (10 yrs ago) to transport my grandfather's cat to our townhouse when Gramps died & we "inherited" the cat LOL. She's now been gone for 3 yrs or so, but we still had the silly guinea pig cage, Dad said he wanted it back :) I also found 4 or 5 pairs of size 7 or 7 1/2 shoes in the back of my closet (my feet grew when I was pg so I wear 8s now) so gave those to Mom.

And, awhile back I started to throw some sprouted potatoes into the compost & realized that they were starting to grow into potato plants, so I threw them into pots to see how they'd do, they're doing pretty well, and mom noticed them Fri & suggested that I give them to Grandpa & let him plant them where they'll have room to actually grow potatoes, so I gave 5 or 6 potato plants to Grandpa this week too :)

This week I'm hoping to start systematically getting rooms DONE we'll see if it happens :)

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