Sunday, March 9, 2008

Homeschool Wrap Up

Hmm, if you look at my "to do list" for this past week & then what I did, we didn't do much. But overall I felt like we did more than we'd been doing. This is why a curriculum that HAD to be followed would drive me nuts LOL.

Anyway, things we did . . . LOVED the warm weather the first part of the week, played outside, had all our windows open, reveled in the little hint that spring really IS coming . . .

Read lots of books. Switching out the basket of homeschool books really caught the kids' attention this time, they weren't much interested in "doing school" but happily sat on the sofa & listened to stories, which they haven't been as interested into recently.

Last weekend I put a My Bible Friends CD in, in the car, and I think it (& when I got totally sick of it, the 2nd one) stayed in all week, the girls are really enjoying listening to these stories in the car. Yesterday I'd meant to bring it along in Dad's car, but forgot, but HAD thrown in one folder of the Bible in Living Sound CDs and this time they seemed to enjoy those as well (although they fell asleep, but that's more of an indication of how tired they were, since normally they won't no matter what they're listening to). We tried listening to Bible in Living Sound on our way to FL in Oct but they didn't like them then. So, Bible stories while in the car are a fun new part of our "curriculum" :)

Kindermusik, I already wrote about, here.

A has really gotten into "writing music" where she fills a piece of paper with her approximation of music notes (they're pretty accurate) and then playing one of her instruments as if reading that music.

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