Friday, March 7, 2008


L is giving Daddy a "test to see if he can stay in Kindermusik" (don't ask me what any of this has to do w/ Kindermusik, and I tried to ascertain why Daddy needed to be tested to be in Kindermusik when I haven't noticed THEM having to take any tests for Kindermusik and got the exasperated "Mommy, we're PLAYING" response LOL). Anyway . . . here are some of the questions she came up w/ all on her own:

  1. Which animal is octernal (nocturnal)? Asked while holding up 2 finger puppets, a horse & an opossum
  2. Is a spider an insect?
  3. Which one grows? Asked while holding up a block & a fake flower
I thought those were rather impressive questions from a 4 yr old :)

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