Thursday, February 28, 2008

Brief Update

I think I've alluded to the fact that we might be moving soon &/or that money is tight, but now that it's abit more official (though still confusing), dh is officially looking for a new job. In the meantime we're figuring out how frugal we can really be, and living in the limbo of not being sure where we'll end up living or where dh will be working or what.

I've been very thankful for the fact that I tend to stock up when food's on sale, but not always keep good track & USE what I've stocked up on (since December we've been eating mostly out of the freezer & pantry, and there's still plenty of food both places). This whole experience has made me determined that when this is all over, I will re-stock the freezer & pantry (but in a more organized way so that we actually use & rotate what I stock up on, instead of finding freezer burned beyond recognition items in the bottom of the deep freeze).

Those "ecological" changes I've made over the last couple years, reducing or eliminating most personal care products, cleaning products, and paper products (paper towels, napkins, etc), have been a true blessing now, in helping to keep our spending at a bare minimum.

I've also been thankful that I'd purchased most of what we needed to complete these last few units of the current curriculum BEFORE all of this happened. We've been able to continue with the curriculum w/o having to skip much of anything due to not having any extra money to spend on art supplies or books or . . . anything.

And since I promised brevity, I'll leave it at that :) DH has lots of resumes sent out, and is continuing to send out more. When we first talked about moving A was having at least one melt-down a day about not wanting to move (but we can't take our POTTY with us, when we move!!!), but she's settled down, and only having one or two melt-downs a week now (even this week when sickness has both kids melting down over every little thing). God send me almost daily reminders (in the form of the kids' SS lesson, verses in my daily Bible reading, blog posts from other bloggers, etc) that He is in control & all we have to do is keep trusting him.

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Jennifer said...

We've been in the throes of knowing we will move sometime this year (again), and it has been a real challenge to keep everyone's spirits stabilized, and to continue to give away/toss everything that I will refuse to move when the time comes.
And AMEN to eating down the food, and having a decent store to call upon. We've moved so much in the past two years that we are getting used to weird meals that empty the fridge and pantry (I used up four containers! is a common cry in those weeks). Good luck to you as you continue to figure out what God would have for you!