Sunday, February 17, 2008

Homeschool wrap-up for this week

Just realized I hadn't done this yet.

Last week we focused on practicing the Glockenspiel (almost) every day. Miss L sent home some cards w/ music notes to read (the 2 that they've learned so far) so the girls practiced playing those every day. Near the end of the week I strung together all of both of their cards & they had fun playing such a long "song" :)

I also pulled out one of the poetry books for this unit and we used dragon puppets to act out the title poem. The girls had fun with that.

And we FINALLY pulled out the watercolor pencils and did the first lesson using them. We're learning together, the colors didn't blend as much as I was expecting them too, but the girls had fun drawing, and then seeing what they did when we added the water.

Go Fish is the current favorite game, so we played a LOT of games of Go Fish this week.

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