Monday, February 25, 2008

Playing catch-up

After mercifully avoiding all the flu bugs floating around this year, we finally got our turn. L had a stomach bug earlier last week, then woke up again Sabbath morning saying her tummy hurt. She never threw up, so I'm not sure what was up with her tummy, but she DID sleep most of the day Sabbath & had a fever at least part of the day, so she certainly wasn't feeling good. Once we determined that she wasn't going to SS & she chose Daddy to stay home with her, she curled up on Daddy's lap on the sofa & I'm not sure either one of them got up the rest of the day. Then yesterday morning I woke up w/ a sore throat, fever, and just generally feeling ick. A sounded congested, and has had a fever off & on, but has been playing like normal. So . . . yesterday was pretty much a lost day for me. I dozed on the sofa all morning & then my plan was to send the kids off w/ Mama & Papa to go to the maple syrup making demonstration but alas, L refused to go w/o Mommy, and A really wanted to go (so just skipping it & letting the kids play w/ Mama & Papa here while I slept, wasn't a good option either). So I finally took some ibuprofin to bring the fever down & went along. It worked out ok, I slept on the way down, which gave the ibuprofin time to do it's job, so I was feeling semi-human by the time we got there. And the weather was great. Papa took pictures, so I'll have to get them from him at some point.

Today's still a lazy day, but I'm at least feeling enough better to sit & play on the computer instead of just sleeping :) And of course, when I got up to make myself some grits for breakfast I discovered that there aren't any dish fairies in this house, so when Mommy stops doing dishes, we end up with no clean dishes (& no clear surfaces in the kitchen), so I've had to at least drag myself off the sofa enough to unload & load the dishwasher, and do some laundry (the laundry fairies seem to be on vacation as well).

So . . . now that I'm back on the computer, I'm off to catch up on the decluttering & menu posts that I normally do on Sunday, and Monday morning.

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