Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: French Press

I'm an occasional coffee drinker. I go in spurts where I drink it more often, but in general, it's a once in awhile treat. DH drinks it even more rarely than I do. So I had an ongoing frustration with my drip coffee maker. On the one hand, if I tucked it away in a cupboard (or the basement shelving, since my kitchen cupboards tend to not have room for the "once in awhile appliances") then even if I wanted coffee, I tended to not want to have to mess w/ getting the coffee maker out (yes, I'm lazy). On the other hand, it annoyed me to have something I used only occasionally taking up space on my counter.

So last year I noticed that someone who orders co-op items through me, had ordered a French Press. I liked that it's all glass & metal (not plastic), and that it's compact. I did abit more research & decided to try one. I LOVE it!!! Since I generally only make one cup of coffee at a time anyway, I got a small french press. it doesn't take up any more room than a mug, in my cupboard. I did find that it works better w/ a more course grind of coffee, so I have a small coffee grinder as well (& buy whole coffee beans), but even so, both the grinder & the french press fit easily in my "tea & coffee cupboard", they're easy to pull out when I want coffee, and they're out of my way the rest of the time. And, the coffee is YUMMY!!!

And that's what works for me.


Kathy in WA said...

I am so with you!! I'm the only coffee drinker in our family and rarely serve it to company. My big coffee pot just took up space on the counter.

I LOVE my French Press! I use it every day and make the most delicious coffee ever. :)

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Marie said...

I'm in a similar situation, I'm the only one that drinks coffee. I used to use a French press, but for some reason I always felt like I was drinking from an ashtray. Also it was hard to keep the grounds out of the coffee.

I bought a one-cup coffeemaker from Melitta (sp?), which looks kind of like a funnel you set on top of your cup. It cost four dollars. You put in a cone filter and grounds, and pour hot water through. It works great, the coffee doesn't taste like ashes anymore, and no grounds mixed in.

CC said...

I use something very much like Marie. Buy HEY, mine was WAY more than $4! I'll be checking that out!!!