Sunday, February 17, 2008

Zoo trip

Sabbath afternoon my parents & I took the girls to the Zoo. We've discovered that, especially with a FONZ membership, wintertime is a great time to go to the zoo. It's not crowded, it's not too hot, and alot of the animals are actually out. And with the FONZ membership parking is free so no need to "get your money's worth" so it doesn't matter that some animals aren't out.

We got to see the seals & sea lions, feeding the beavers, the otters . . . then we got to the Bird House. We poked our head in the bird house last summer & the girls weren't interested, but this time they LOVED it!! Doesn't hurt that the first thing we saw (outside) was the flamingos & there were a LOT and they were noisy & L LOVED it since flamingos are her favorite bird. Then we went into an exhibit (outside) where you're right in with the birds & the birds in there were SO tame, we got pictures of a peacock, pea hen, and pheasant. Then we went into the bird house & enjoyed seeing the birds inside as well.

The girls were starting to burn out by the time we left the bird house, but we still peaked at the sloth bear, cheetahs, elephants, and of course the armadillos and naked mole rats.

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