Sunday, February 17, 2008

Decluttering challenge Check-in

Anyone still playing along? Here's what I got rid of this week, and it would have been alot more if I hadn't had so many freecycling no-shows! I think the weather (snow one day, ice the next . . .) was at least partially to blame, but not sure that explains the (VERY ANNOYING) people who replied saying they wanted something and then NEVER REPLIED to me when I said they could have it GRRRRRRRR . . .

  • dresser - gave back to my parents
  • several rolls of wrapping paper - gave to mom
  • Orion wrap - sold
  • bag of plastic plates & such - gave to mom
  • grass seed spreader cart thingy - gave to dad
  • inflatable chair - gave to mom
  • 3 bags of gift bags & tissue paper - gave to mom
  • Toy bin shelf thingy - gave to Kim
  • bag of hair stuff - freecycled
  • bag of soap - freecycled
  • bag of stuff from the bathroom cupboards - freecycled
  • boppy - freecycled
  • 3 bags of baby stuff - freecycled

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