Monday, February 25, 2008

Homeschool wrap-up for this past week

Still running behind. . .

Last week seemed to conspire against finding time for art, between meeting friends for lunch on Monday, spending Tuesday with Daddy, L being sick on Wed, and Kinder Konzert on Thurs . . .

We listened to Carnival of the Animals over the course of the whole week (a few "animals" each day), and wrapped up the week with the girls each choosing an instrument & making animal sounds with it (A used a drum to sound like an elephant walking & L used the flute to sound like a bird singing).

We also went to the Kinder Konzert on Thursday, which nicely wrapped up our unit on Sound.

Kindermusik was cancelled because of the predicted ice storm.

So I guess that was about it for last week.

We're going to spend this week tying up the final threads of the sound unit, and then we'll start a new unit next week.

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