Monday, February 18, 2008


The girls were playing that A was L's cat & L was reading A a story. A kept being "cat-like" (crawling around, meowing, etc) and L kept telling her to sit still and listen to the story. Finally A said "L, I'm not much for listening" it SO made me laugh both because of the wording she used, somehow it seemed so "grown-up" coming out of her mouth, and also because that not listening thing is SO TRUE for her!!! (just a few minutes before that, dh had been leaving for work & he said goodbye to her about 3 times & she never heard him & then finally the SECOND time I said "A, Daddy's leaving now" she finally heard me & told him goodbye (not that she has to tell him goodbye, but if we hadn't made sure she realized he was leaving I would have dealt w/ a meltdown later (when she realized he was gone) because she'd have been upset that she didn't get to tell him goodbye).

Some pictures from the Tea Party we went to last Monday are here (& I've got a few more that I need to post).

Some pictures from Kindermusik a couple weeks ago, of the kids (including A) trying to play brass instruments are here (all the kids got to try each instrument).

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