Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Daddy & Daughter Day

Yesterday was Daddy & Daughter Day at our house. I'm not sure how it all came about (it evolved during talk time one night last week), but dh took off work yesterday & spent all day with the girls. They made pancakes for breakfast and played some games with Daddy (Mommy, you can't play this time, it's a special day for just Daddy & us!) and then they took off for the day. They went duck pin bowling (love it! A has declared it her favorite part of the day). Then they went to McDonalds for ice cream and to play in the play area for awhile. And THEN they headed up to dh's friends' house to see the horses. A told me that "at first we were a little shy, but then we had fun" they got to see the horses, climb all around on the hay in the barn, meet Bev's birds and then apparently chatted the evening away with Miss Bev. She gave A a little armadillo toy that she had, so of course A is over the moon about that, she told me this morning, when she showed it to me, that "this is a 9 banded armadillo" & dh said last night she was wowing Bev & Ralph with her knowledge of Armadillo trivia. And somewhere along the line, Miss Bev told the girls the entire story of Charlotte's Web. I found a video of Charlotte's Web when I was cleaning, so I'm thinking the girls will enjoy that as a birthday present especially now that they know the story LOL.

When I asked L what her favorite part of yesterday was she said "EVERYTHING" but when she first woke up this morning & I asked her what she did yesterday she immediately said "climbed in the hay!"

DH mentioned last night (after I commented that L hadn't eaten much breakfast) that L hadn't eaten much all day (except the ice cream & the donut he got them on the way home when they said they were hungry), so when she was still sleeping at 8:30 this morning I figured she must not be feeling quite up to par. She woke up around 9:00, sat up, and immediately needed to throw up (but managed to wait for me to grab a bowl & stick it in front of her). She's all cuddled up on the sofa now with her pillow & a blanket and her babies . . . I made her some tea and she drank at least some of it, and last time I walked by & felt her forhead she felt like she had a fever (she didn't when she got up this morning), so guess it's a good thing we'd planned a quiet stay at home day today. Now fingers crossed that she's feeling better (& A doesn't catch it) so we can go to Kinder Konzert tomorrow.


Audra Marie said...

Awww - what a fun day and I hope your little one feels better. We've been going through the same thing here. At the moment, everyone is fine. :)

I tried a sugar scrub on my hands once and my skin was sensitive to it (I have really sensitive skin). I've heard of the honey, but never tried it. HMMM. :)

Sweetpeas said...

If it was a commercial sugar scrub, I would guess your hands reacted to a preservative or fragrance or something in the sugar scrub, not the sugar itself. (or my MIL's allergic to aloe vera, which I put in mine, so I make hers special w/o the aloe vera, even "natural" things can be allergens LOL). I'd say try just mixing some sugar & olive oil & massaging that into your hands, and see how that does for you. But yes, honey is amazing stuff! Healing, antibacterial, truly amazing stuff! :)