Monday, February 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

This week is turning out to be a week of not so much cooking (woo-hoo!) LOL. Today we're meeting some friends at the outlets for the afternoon and then, since we're meeting friends for lunch, we'll be meeting my parents (& dh if he can pull away from work) for supper while we're nearby. And then tomorrow has been declared Daddy & Daughter day! I'm not sure how it came about, but during their nightly talk time a few nights ago they somehow cooked up that Daddy is taking tomorrow off & will be spending all day with the girls, they're making pancakes together for breakfast, playing games together, and then he's taking them out to do other fun stuff (he has more planned than *I* would want to pack into one day, we'll see how it goes LOL) the rest of the day, including taking them out for supper, so I'll just eat leftovers or a sandwich or something since I'll be alone :) So . . .

Monday - eat out
Tuesday - leftovers/sandwich
Wednesday - Mac & Cheese (that we were SUPPOSED to have for Valentine's Day last week, but circumstances conspired against us LOL)
Thursday - Lentil & Rice Tacos (this is a new recipe for us, dh in general isn't a fan of lentils, we'll see what he thinks of this one)
Friday - Pizza

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Robin said...

Any week with a little cooking is a good week.

Have a great one.