Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Save Money, Save Your Health, Save the Earth

Considering that I'm still battling this cold, and while A assures me she isn't sick, she's still coughing & sniffling, this post, on another blog I read, came at an especially relevant time. So I thought I'd be lazy & just pass it along. In a nutshell, it lists all kinds of "ailments" that honey & cinnamon can cure. So, you can save money, by not buying medicine or paying for doctor visits, you can save your health by getting over your cold, flu, lowering cholesterol, or whatever w/o resorting to chemical "cures", and you can save the earth by not putting all those chemical medications into our water supply AND I'd venture to guess that the jar of honey & jar of cinnamon you buy end up being less packaging than whatever medications you normally take (I buy local raw honey in quart mason jars, so once the honey's gone, I just wash the jar out & use it to store dry beans, rice, etc. and cinnamon in bulk from a wholesaler (so a lb of it comes in a sealed bag, then I transfer it to glass jars, like the re-use).

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Ann said...

So much of what we used to give our children in the past without a second thought is now shown to be dangerous. Natural remedies give me more peace of mind when caring for my family.