Monday, February 25, 2008

Hee hee

I was talking to dh about something & mentioned "when A was taking a nap". A stopped her play (our family room is currently a pet store, as far as I can tell A is the owner & L is her helper . . . ) and asked "when did I take a nap?" I pointed to the sofa & said "you laid right over there and slept for like an hour this afternoon" she got this slightly confused, kind of sheepish look on her face & said "I did?"

Too funny to realize she took a nice long nap & didn't even realize it. She woke up when I turned the TV back on, so I guess since she fell asleep watching tv & woke up watching tv, she somehow didn't notice that she fell asleep watching Super Why and woke up watching Maggie & the Ferocious Beast.

Incidentally, the fact that she fell asleep watching tv & slept for that long is an indication that she's not feeling good, I can't tell you the last time either kid has fallen asleep watching tv, or taken a nap w/o serious manipulation on my part (normally involving soothing music, strict instructions to NOT TALK AT ALL, and a long car ride).

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