Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine Tea Party

The girls' Kindermusik teacher hosted a Valentines Tea Party yesterday for the kids from both Kindermusik classes. A couple days earlier there was an episode of Ruff Ruffian where the kids were learning about a "formal tea" which kind of freaked L out, she wasn't sure she wanted to go because she couldn't be "that fancy". I assured her that Miss L wouldn't mind if she didn't use the right fork LOL.

Once we got there, it took a little bit for the girls to warm up to the "Kindermusik games" that we did first, but once they got into it, they participated better than they generally do in Kindermusik, even w/ the other moms there as an "audience".

L wasn't too excited that I held a friend's baby a bunch of the time, she kept saying "you're OUR Mommy, give that baby back to HIS mommy" but she got over it LOL.

The tea party itself, the girls were amazed at the idea of using real tea in "toy" teacups. But thought it was great fun that they could pour their own tea.

One of L's other worries, before the party, was that she only likes "Polar Bear Tea" (actually the kids' cold care tea that I get, it has a polar bear on the box)and what if Miss L didn't have Polar Bear tea. So I assured her that we'd bring some Polar Bear tea along just in case, but suggested that she at least TRY the tea Miss L had first. She was still unsure about that until Miss L brought out the pomegranate tea. The girls LOVE pomegranate, so their eyes lit up at the idea of pomegranate tea. Combine that with the serve yourself pink sugar, that was pretty much impossible to NOT have equal parts sugar & tea (given the size of the sugar spoon vs. the size of the kid size tea cups) and they decided tea is a very good thing :)

Anyway, the girls had great fun, and are still talking about the REAL tea party they got to go to.

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