Saturday, February 9, 2008

This Week's wrap-up

Another quiet week. I'm spending as much time as possible getting stuff decluttered & packed away & out of here when possible. And the girls have been happy to do their own thing, so we've been going with it. I've told them that when they're ready to do art again, they can clean up all the paper scraps under their table, so we'll see if it happens next week LOL.

So this past week we pretty much did circle time, we finished the Read and Learn Bible this week and started right back around at the beginning.

I also, in my cleaning, found some new puzzles and a write & wipe-off phonics book that they girls have been enjoying. I already mentioned the marbles that they've had great fun with this week.

Last night the second Daddy walked through the door L pounced on him and reminded him that he'd promised to teach them to play marbles. So he did. A spent a few minutes, got frustrated that she wasn't good at it, and moved on to other things, mainly torturing her sister until I suggested we read a book, she went off in search of Blueberry Shoe one of her favorites from the last unit. She also has decided that we need to plant a "blueberry shoe" though she decided that we could just plant a blueberry plant in a pot, so that's something I need to look into and see if that's at all practical. Or maybe we'll see if we can talk Grandpa into adding a blueberry bush to his garden instead LOL (the only time I ever went blueberry picking they were more TREES than plants, so growing one in a pot doesn't seem practical to me).

Yesterday was the last class for the first semester of Kindermusik. As Miss L was passing out the final stickers for their folders, L turned to me & said "will you PLEASE sign us up again!" They hadn't processed through that the "next session" would be starting right away, so they were excited to hear that we'll still be going to Kindermusik next week.

Not sure what was up, but this morning in Sabbath School the girls were super talkative. A was the first to volunteer to act out what her favorite animal is, not surprisingly, she curled up in a ball on the floor, and L had no problem guessing that she was an armadillo. L crawling around and saying "oink oink" was easier for others to guess as well. They sang along during the singing time, and chose songs as well (though at that point there were only about 3 other kids, which I think helped alot, less overwhelming than when there are 20 or 30 kids). And had fun questions (the lesson was about the animals going into the ark) like, how'd the Penguins get to the ark from the South Pole? And how'd they stay cold enough while in the ark?

L also let the teacher know in no uncertain terms (but not in a nasty way, just in a firm way LOL) that she could tie her OWN bow for her craft! And then when she was having trouble, she informed me that she needed scissors because it was too long and SHE would cut it off at the right length. She did, and then quickly tied the bow, so I guess she knew what she was talking about LOL.

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