Monday, February 25, 2008

Making Popcorn

I think I've mentioned before that awhile back I switched from microwave popcorn to making it the old fashioned way on the stove (saves money, saves the planet (less trash), and healthier (the stuff they put in microwave popcorn isn't exactly natural LOL) & this winter it's been a frequent snack (what can I say, it's yummy, pretty healthy (all I put on it is a little sea salt), and super cheap). . .

Anyway . . . the point of this post, this morning L put some random toys (duplos I think) in one of the toy kettles, put the lid on, and proceeded to "make popcorn", explaining to me the whole time what she was doing, that she had to keep it moving on the stove so it wouldn't burn, and had to keep the lid on so the popcorn didn't go everywhere . . . it was cute, and definite proof that she's been paying attention to how I make it LOL.

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