Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kinder Konzert

We finally made it to a Kinder Konzert. We'd planned to go last month, at the beginning of our sound unit, but the snow kept us home, so we went today instead (near the END of our sound unit). As a plus, the girls have been learning about different instruments the last few weeks in Kindermusik, so were probably more aware of what it meant to hear a percussion trio than they would have been w/ last month's brass trio (or whatever it was, if memory serves it was suppose to be brass, I don't remember how many people it was though).

L wasn't happy on the way up (the girls were busy playing when I said it was time to go, even w/ reminders, on days when they're deeply engrossed in some imaginary scenario they don't like to be pulled away from it) and told me she was sure it would be boring. I told her that this was just something for them & if they didn't like it we certainly never had to come to another one. DURING the concert, A seemed more into it, but as we were leaving, I asked what they thought & L said "I want to come back every time they have one of these concerts!" A wasn't so sure about coming back, but somehow in her mind, since I asked if they want to come back "next month" and their birthday is "next month" she seemed to think that the 2 were mutually exclusive, so I assume once the time actually comes & she realizes that it doesn't interfere w/ her birthday she'll be ok w/ going.

The highlight today was getting to hear a revolutionary war march :) A week or two or ago on Ruff Ruffian (or whatever the PBS show that a "dog" hosts is called) one of the challenges involved Paul Revere's ride & the "redcoats", the girls wanted to know who the redcoats were, and were generally rather confused by it all so last time we were at the library I got one of the "youngest" books I could find about the American Revolution & we read it yesterday, so it was fresh in their minds. They were very excited to tell Mama & Papa (at lunch today) that "we heard music like GEORGE WASHINGTON!" which was rather confusing to my parents until I interpreted LOL.

After lunch we stopped by Miss Kim's house to pick up our milk (that she got for us yesterday) & ended up staying the rest of the day. The kids were all playing happily together, so we stayed. By the time we got home the kids ate, and pretty much fell right into bed LOL.

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