Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Homeschooling wrap-up, continued . . .

I realized last night, that I'd forgotten to mention the Bob books in my homeschool wrap-up for last week.

You might remember that awhile back L was very gung-ho to learn to read & one of the things we did was start working through the Bob books. She was trying hard, and doing well, but it was slow going, the concept of actually recognizing a word she'd seen before instead of sounding it out every. single. time. was beyond her. When she stopped asking to read the Bob books, I let it drop. One night last night she wanted to read a Bob book for her bedtime story, but insisted on reading a "pink one" (which was the level we'd left off at last time around) I was leary, after so much time away from them, that picking up in the middle of the box would be even more frustrating than last time around, but she was insistent, so we tried it. Wow! apparently even without actually focused work on reading, she's been improving. Now, they DO watch "Word World" most days, "Between the Lions" sporadically and "Super Why" sporadically, so they're getting some "reading instruction" that way. And one of the things I found in decluttering was some reading/phonics dry erase books and they've been using those some (though I'd say A uses them more than L does). Anyway, by whatever means, she has gotten better at recognizing repeat words, and sounding out those she doesn't know. She breezed through 2 of the "pink books" that night without a problem. She hasn't asked to do it again, so we're not pushing it, but she's definitely moving forward with reading, for whenever she chooses to keep moving forward.

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