Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our Own Tea Party

Since the girls had so much fun at the tea party on Monday, we decided to have our own tea party for "just us" today. I pulled out the tea pot that a friend gave me when I was in college (& I'm not sure I ever used) and some of the teacups that were my grandmother's, gave them all a GOOD washing, brewed some fairytale tea and we were set :) The girls decided that tea parties require hats, they're each wearing one, though the one doesn't show up in the picture.

One of the suggestions in A Mom After God's Own Heart that I've been wanting to implement is reading some verses from Proverbs to our children every day. But I also feel that the chronological Bible stories we're currently using for our morning devotions during circle time are valuable so don't want to switch that up. And our circle time runs as long as their attention span, so adding things to it is frustrating to them. So, I read them a few verses of Proverbs while they were still drinking their tea. I suggested that we do this little ritual every day (tea, and read the Bible) and they liked the idea, though they asked about days like Christmas, and "our special day with Daddy next week" (I'm not sure how it came about but during their talk time with Daddy last night they somehow got him to agree to take off work next Tues and spend the whole day with them, just the 3 of them. The plans as they know them at this point are that they'll make pancakes and play games (Daddy has additional plans up his sleeve). So we agreed that on days like that we would read the Bible, but not have tea.

And now a little quiz for those who think they can tell the girls apart. Since they're both wearing pink today (so the normal "color coding" doesn't apply), who's who?

Also, not related to this post, but while I'm thinking about it, I uploaded the pictures from our trip to DC a couple weeks ago, you can see them here.


Anonymous said...

I say Lexie is in the front and Ashlyn is on the far side of the table

Flock of Two said...

I agree with Angie.