Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A couple cute things I forgot to mention last night . . .

My brother made some smart remark to me & I retaliated by throwing tissue paper at him, after the girls gleefully joined in an all out paper fight, L told me that I should be nice. I replied with "but he was mean to me!" to which she replied "Mommy, don't you remember the Golden Rule?" ummm . . . yes dear. . . LOL.

Uncle Dan had entirely too much fun ribbing dh about the recent Ravens/Dolphins football game with the help of the girls' new (or almost new) Raven & Dolphin (the animals, not the football teams) puppets.

The girls generally have abit of drama over who sits next to them, or doesn't sit next to them at big family dinners. I found a LOVELY solution to that drama. I printed out Christmas place cards that I found online, wrote everyone's names on them, and had the girls put them on the table however they wanted before people got here. It worked beautifully, and kept the kids entertained for a few minutes while we were waiting for people to get here. And the girls even managed to put all the married couples together (except my parents, since Mama must ALWAYS sit between the girls, but Papa was on the other side of Ashlyn, so at least close by), which doesn't always happen when everyone just sits where they want because the last few people to the table just kind of fill in the blanks LOL. AND totally on accident, they put all 3 lefties together on one side of the table, again something, people rarely think to do, but makes elbows much less troublesome. Especially since 10 at our table is the max we can fit, even with all the leaves in.K

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