Sunday, December 30, 2007

A couple quick things . . .

Hearing L tell Daddy about our day yesterday reminded me, as we went through the "desert" part of the greenhouse, L pointed to a Saguaro (I think it is) cactus & said "look, that would make a good desert hotel!" Last year when my parents took a vacation to Arizona they brought back about a Saguaro cactus (follows it through from a seed till it falls down) and calls it a desert hotel because so many animals live in it at various points in it's life cycle. I have to say, I had to look at the little plaque thingy that says what each plant is, to know that she was right. I was rather impressed (in my defense, I've never actually read that book, since it lives at my parents' house so they're always the ones to read it to the girls, but since this cactus was too young to have an "arm" I didn't recognize it as a Saguaro.

And this morning as the girls were watching Magic Schoolbus about swamps, they were talking about swamp gas & A suddenly said "Maybe that was the bubbles we saw at Grandma & Grandpa's house" I was at a total loss as to what she was talking about, but then she clarified that she was talking about Grandma & Grandpa H (dh's grandparents who we visited this fall) and said something about "when there weren't any fish" and I vaguely remember that we were out on their dock trying to find fish in the water & we saw some bubbles that came up, but no fish. I'm guessing it wasn't swamp gas (then again, what do I know) but it was a logical conclusion from a 4 yr old perspective, and if nothing else, a good memory for remembering something so inconsequential (at least to me LOL) from several months ago.

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