Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cute Kid Stuff . . .

In decluttering/cleaning, I recently found a photo album of pictures when Precious (our 9 yr old dog) was a puppy & pulled it out for the girls to look at. L was just going through it again, and said, "Mommy, I think Precious is on the kitchen floor in this picture, but the fridge is white, instead of black" this of course led to a long discussion about us moving (before the girls were born) from the townhouse to this house.

When A woke me up this morning (she tried to lay quietly in my bed until I was ready to wake up, really she did, but laying still is not her forte (even when she's asleep, much less when she's awake)). Anyway . . . she told me "when I woke up this morning the sun was rising." I asked if it was pretty & she said "I think so, but I didn't really watch it, I just kept right on going" I think part of what made it so cute/funny was the voice inflections, that I can't capture here, but it was hillarious :) This (indirectly) led to a discussion about Daddy (because she'd "kept on going" in a hunt to see if Daddy was in the house, he wasn't, he'd gone in early this morning, after working late last night, so she hadn't seen him since yesterday morning) and she said she hoped he'd be home tonight because she likes him to stay in their room while they fall asleep. I asked why they always choose Daddy instead of me. And she said "because we see you all MORNING, so when it's bedtime POP! You're done!" LOL ok, works for me!!!

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