Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Little things tickle me . . .

Yesterday when we were getting ready to vacuum I grabbed a big squishy basket thing (hard to describe) that used to be in the girls' room but is now empty (& was waiting for me to carry it to the basement) and put all the toy nativity pieces (we have 2, a cloth one & a Veggie Tales one) into it so they'd be off the floor for vacuuming.

So a few minutes A brought the basket over (still w/ the nativity pieces in it) and asked me to help her put it on her head, "like they did in the olden days to carry water" (hey, to a 4 yr old, it's rather inconceivable that there are cultures that STILL carry water from a stream & such, so close enough . . .) it's quite amusing to watch her try to balance the basket which doesn't have a rigid bottom, and is filled w/ a wide variety of sizes & weights of objects (so seriously I don't think anyone could balance it, as soon as the toys inside shifted the center of gravity would shift).

She's also asking how they (the people who carry water on their heads) do it, and if they sometimes spill and such, funny how I couldn't tell you the last time we read the book we have that has a picture of that (AWESOME book, btw), I'm always amazed at the things they pull out of their memories.

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