Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Good Time Was Had By All

At least I think so . . . LOL.

Last night was nice, we ate our pizza, the girls were soo excited about their Christmas PJs, it was really cute, you'd have thought we'd given them the moon. Also cute/interesting observation, they (I think it was L, but can't swear to it) asked "how did you buy these without us seeing them? I told them (truthfully) that I'd found them on sale last year & saved them :) We enjoyed playing the new Christmas game, then the neighbor brought gifts for the girls, so they opened them as well. Then off to bed in their new jammies, and we read their new book as one of their bedtime stories.

Christmas morning, A was in our bed by 6:22, though she was good & just crawled into bed w/ us. Of course she wiggled non-stop until I gave up on her OR me getting any more sleep and we got up. Of course, while I was in the bathroom she went running & woke L up, so we went downstairs and opened stockings.

Then we ate breakfast, and the girls got dressed and such and we waited for the grandparents to get here.

And then the chaos began, and lasted the rest of the day LOL. The girls were hyper pretty much all day, alternated between being too busy for presents & wanting to tear through them as fast as they could.

After dinner/lunch (whatever you call a meal at 2pm LOL), the girls talked Papa, and later Mama, into taking them outside to play for awhile.

This evening Aunt Lynette & Uncle Dave stopped by and the girls had great fun torturing Uncle Dave.

And now, they're peacefully sleeping, my nice clean house is trashed once again . . . and I'm exhausted LOL. But no major mishaps, so we'll call it a success :)

If you want to see the rest of the pictures (mine anyway, will have to bug Dad to give me any he took), they're here.

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