Saturday, December 22, 2007

Just had to share

My friend, Bree took this picture at the babywearing meeting this week.

L had forgotten her babies at home, so she was being Miss Diva with the sunglasses and cell phone. To add to the "look" what you can't see is that she's wearing pink (a lighter shade than the skirt) leggings & still another shade of pink fake crocs to complete the outfit.

A is wearing all 3 of the babies she brought (normally she brings 5, but we've been hitting again, so we've lost a couple and hadn't earned them back yet). Melissa (doll I made) is in the ring sling (plaid), Jeanie (MY first doll, that A has declared hers) is in the carebear Mei Tai, and Sweetie (waldorf doll I had made to her specifications last winter) is in the green rebozo (otherwise known as a scarf LOL) And she put the babies in the carriers all by herself except for tying the MT, which she asked me to do last, not the preferred order for multiple babywearing this combo IMO, but she didn't ask for my opinion LOL.

And yes, after the meeting we walked down the mall that way since we'd parked by the food court & eaten lunch before the meeting.

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