Friday, December 21, 2007

Oh the confidence

My children have such confidence in me, sigh . . . this afternoon we made cookies, as we were making them, the girls asked me if THESE were going to turn out right, or if they were going to be batter instead of dough like the "cupcakes" we made earlier this week. When I said something along the lines of "I hope these turn out ok" (another new recipe, though they ended up pretty similar to some I've had, don't remember if it was mom's recipe or someone else's) to which A told me, "well, if they don't, maybe we should just make some chocolate chip cookies or something that you KNOW how to make" ROFL.

These turned out fine, although the recipe gave dire warnings about leaving plenty of room for them to spread out and mine didn't really spread, but they taste good and like I said, are similar to others I've had, so we'll go with that. And now at least I have SOMETHING to serve people for dessert on Christmas. Although when I commented that we'd just eat the "cupcakes" (they're cupcakes because I cut them into individual squares, rather than leaving them as one big cake, in case the center was too gooey to be edible, so the girls insist that they're cupcakes, it's not worth arguing with them about it LOL) ourselves instead of having them for Christmas L was horrified & said that she'd already promised Mama & Papa they could have some on Christmas so we HAVE to save some. So guess I'll go ahead & throw the rest of that in the freezer for Christmas too LOL.

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