Wednesday, December 5, 2007


We had our first snow of the season today. It started snowing this morning between 7:30 & 8:00 am and pretty much kept snowing all day, though the total accumulation wasn't huge, I never heard the official numbers, and we don't have any good railings and such to easily estimate it. The girls spent all morning asking when they could go outside, so we finally went outside mid-day so I could shovel and they could play. Of course, the snow was coming down hard enough that the driveway was pretty much white again by the time I was done, but it at least got one layer off LOL.

Then we went sledding. Not sure what it was, but J, the neighbor boy (9 or 10) couldn't get his sled to go down the hill worth anything, the girls, got on the sled together & took off. L even pulled the sled back UP the hill every time, so we didn't have the whining (on their part or my part LOL) about pulling the sled UP the hill. I think they would have stayed out there all day but once I was frozen solid I declared it time to come in. And they came in without too much complaining, the promise of hot chocolate helped, hee hee.

Anyway, they were THRILLED with the snow!! Both of them thanked Jesus for the snow during their bedtime prayers :)

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