Monday, December 24, 2007

Save Money, Save Your Health, Save the Earth

I realize the irony of writing a post about health/ecology while my children eat ramen noodles for lunch LOL. But it's quick, easy, they like it, it makes very few dishes, and . . . I found the ramen noodles on the shelf & they needed using LOL.

Today, my advice could be summed up in one word (but you know me well enough to know, that I can't write short posts, so of course, I'll elaborate): Simplify!

I think today, as most of us are probably working through long to do lists to get ready for tonight &/or tomorrow, it's especially important to remember to slow down & simplify, and focus on what's important to you! Look at your to do list, does it all have to be done? Will anyone even notice if it doesn't? My to do list includes/included making 2 types of cookies, plus fudge today. We've already made one batch, L was excited at the thought of making more, so IF she's still excited about that thought when it's time, we'll make more, if not, I'm thinking the 2 kinds of cookies, plus the "cake" cookies will be sufficient. The fudge will probably not happen, unless I get in the mood to make them sometime today.

Monday is generally bathroom cleaning day here, but today, only the powder room's going to be cleaned, the upstairs bathrooms can wait till later in the week. . .

Take time to read some extra stories to your kids today, or watch a Christmas show (we're watching Elmo's Christmas Countdown, that I recorded off the tv yesterday right now).

Last year our tree had pink ribbon tangled through the branches on the lowest 3 ft or so, courtesy of two 3 yr olds. Wasn't exactly something you'd see in Better Homes & Gardens, but the girls were SOO proud of themselves for thinking of it all on their own, so it stayed. This year one corner of the family room includes a rolled up yoga mat w/ a elastic head band around it & random toys, and a piece of tin foil stuck into it . . . again, not real picturesque from my point of view, but A insists that it's her Christmas tree, so it'll stay, as will the tree blocks, wrapped in playsilks, that surround it (gifts for A's "children"). Take a step back, look at things through your children's eyes, and consider the spirit of Christmas, rather than the "perfection" we all seem to strive for. Then take a deep breath, let some things go, and enjoy a simple, meaningful, Christmas.

And then, on Wednesday, think about other areas of your life, where you stress about things that really don't matter, and work on simplifying other areas of your life . . . do you love the knick knacks on your mantel or do you grumble every time you dust, about having to dust around them? If you love them, keep them, if they're just there because you think they SHOULD be there (because great aunt Mabel gave it to you, or because Suzy Homemaker told you that it needs to be there or the mantel will look bare or . . . whatever reason you might have), give them away, or at least pack them away & just pull them out when Great Aunt Mabel comes over. And heave a sigh of relief next time you dust w/o having to move stuff. Watch your kids playing & if there are toys that they seem to never play with, try packing them away & see if they even notice (or, depending on your kid, ask them if they'd like to give some of their toys to kids who don't have toys, and let them weed down their toys. L would be more than happy to do that, but A has a very hard time with change of ANY kind, including giving away toys/clothes (she was horrified when I gave away the exersaucer), so I generally pack things up when they're not around)fewer toys means less mess, less yelling at the kids to put stuff away . . .

So, in a word . . . simplify!

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