Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wrapping up this week

L has slowed down on the reading this week, we did a few more pages of the workbook, but not nearly as much as in previous weeks, and only read Bob books a couple nights. Since A was pretty much just following L's lead, she hasn't done much with it either.

We did pretty much finish up the "water" unit of the preschool curriculum. A couple things to finish up once we get past Christmas (the Sun Bread book includes making bread in the shape of the sun, sounds fun, but NOT the same week that I'm trying to finish up Christmas preparations LOL). One comment, the book "Hermit & the Well" has too much buddhist influence for me to be comfortable with it, I was fine with it till the last page, but it's not one we'll be reading again.

We cleared off the water themed nature table (which is how the shells ended up in a basket on the toyshelf so they could use them for yesterday's beach scene) and set up the nativity set on the nature table (after Christmas we'll switch to a winter theme).

We made Daddy's Christmas presents from the girls. A decided to write "to (dh's name)" on her card instead of "to Daddy" because she doesn't like writing D's and there's only one in dh's name, but 3 in Daddy LOL.

Oh and speaking of crafty stuff & dh, at the babywearing meeting, one of the other moms had brought paper gingerbread men for the kids to decorate (& stuff to glue on them as decorations), A made 2, a "girl" and a "boy" and after she'd finished the boy, she told me "look, I left a hole in his hair, like Daddy's hair" (bald spot, for those who can't interpret kid-speak &/or don't know dh), it took all my self control not to burst out laughing. DH didn't find it quite so funny when I shared with him, hee hee.

Kindermusik this week was abit of a fiasco, I think it was just a bunch of stuff all added together, as much as kids love Christmas, all the changes in routine & alot of times too much running around, stressed out moms, stressed out kids . . . I think that had the kids abit on edge. Additionally, class was early this week, started at 11:45 instead of 12:30, so I'm wondering if some kids were hungry (for my kids, it worked out ok, I'm normally challenged to get them to eat SOMETHING beforehand so they're not too hungry by the end of class, but they're not really hungry enough to eat lunch before class, since it's early & we generally eat breakfast late). And who knows what else, but the kids were all just "fussy"in various ways. On Thursday my girls had spent quite awhile playing with their "music cards" (cards w/the "notes" they're learning, that they could arrange in different patterns to "write music") but in class on Friday, after a few minutes they (all the kids, not just mine) were just DONE w/ even trying to work with the cards. . . So, I think it's just as well that we have a couple weeks break now because of the holidays. By the time we go back to class in January, I would guess everyone will be rested and more back to normal.

I think that's about it for this week. I already mentioned making cookies, hopefully we'll still make a couple more kinds between now & Tuesday LOL.

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