Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More odds & ends

Tonight during bedtime prayers, L included in her prayer, "please help Daddy sell as many tires as he needs to tomorrow". The girls also always ask Daddy, during their bedtime talk, how many tires, cars, and "toys' (the ATVs and Go Carts), the shop sold that day.

We were playing Jr Monopoly today and A did something that gave her more money (collected rent from me or somesuch) and she looked toward Daddy's favorite chair & started started to say "Daddy" then realized he wasn't here and said 'oh, Daddy's at work, but he'd be proud of me!" LOL.

I'd recorded a Christmas Ice Skating show over the weekend, and was watching it today, the girls LOVED it and kept being amazed at the "tricks" the skaters could do. They also wanted to know if Daddy could lift me up in the air like the pairs skaters, those of you who know us can stop laughing now :)

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