Sunday, December 23, 2007

Today's new skill

When I was hanging up laundry in the girls' room this morning I noticed the jacket that goes w/ the pants A was wearing, and asked A if she wanted to wear it this afternoon (they're going to Grandmom's house when dh gets home from work) she said yes, but then got angry because she couldn't zip it herself, tried having me start the zipper & then pulling the jacket on over her head, but of course the zip came undone. So I suggested that she might be old enough to learn to start the zipper by herself if she'd let me show her how. She did (that alone is an accomplishment for her, normally she just gets more & more angry/frustrated but won't let someone show her how to do something new)and pretty much got it right away, granted a sweatshirt jacket is easier to zip than say a heavy winter coat. She's so proud of herself, had to come show Precious (the dog) that she could do it (Precious, while a quiet/attentive audience, wasn't overly excited about the accomplishment) and she's done it many more times over the course of the morning.

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