Sunday, December 9, 2007

Weekly Homeschool wrap-up

This week has ignored the preschool curriculum and focused on "learning to read" at L's request. We've worked through 60+ lessons of the "In the Beginning" workbook from the Life Series reading curriculum. Most of it has been review, colors, shapes, relationships (above/below, and such), and now we're working through the various letters learning/reviewing their sounds & how to write the letters. Some of it is new, or at least stuff they need to review more (they mix up some of the lower case letters, and don't always remember what some letters say, and can use the practice on writing the letters), but still all stuff that they can move through pretty quickly.

I also pulled out the Bob books again and L started reading them for her bedtime stories, actually sounding the words out instead of just memorizing the pages based on pictures.

That's pretty much the only thing we did this week, little to no interest in circle time or "school" in the sense of the stuff in the preschool curriculum so I'm not going to try to move forward with it for now, I'm going to kind of "stall" it at the week we're currently at, and if/when they show an interest we'll pick up where we left off. I think we WILL make it a priority to make the pinecone bird feeders this week, since our kindermusik homework for this week is to watch for birds in our yard, so that ties together nicely, and will get the "stuff" for making those out of my otherwise mostly straightened up dining room LOL. L also said something about making gingerbread on Friday, so I may try to find an easy gingerbread cookie recipe and make that this week (though we also have some bananas that need using, so I'll be making banana oatmeal cookies on Monday with or w/o the kids LOL). The gingerbread cookies we'll probably freeze most of to have for Christmas dinner anyway so 2 batches of cookies in one week isn't a big deal.

Kindermusik this week went well, better than I expected honestly, between the girls being incredibly excited about the sleepover at Mama & Papa's this weekend (dh & I celebrated our 10th anniversary this weekend, so the girls got to have a sleepover at Mama & Papa's. L heard me talking to mom about "reserving the date" for our anniversary/sleepover MONTHS ago, and has been looking forward to our anniversary ever since LOL), and the fact that we'd ended up not having class for two weeks in a row (skipped one week because it was the day after Thanksgiving & then the teacher cancelled the next class last minute when her dh ended up flying out that day, instead of when originally scheduled, so she had to take him to the airport), I was afraid that long of a "break" would lead to problems, but they slipped right back into the groove w/ any problem, and did well throughout the class. They're continuing to learn to "read music" (ta ta tee tee ta type stuff) and doing really well at it. the teacher told us that the class at a whole seems to be picking up the concept of split measures and such better than some of her adult music students have.

The class ended up being 5 girls this week (normally it's 5 girls & 1 boy, I'm not sure if he was sick this week or what) and there was some "issues" with the 3 girls who know each other outside of class (my 2 and the teacher's dd, since we all go to the same church) sticking closer together and leaving out the other two, but at this point, I don't feel that the behavior was inappropriate on the part of the 3 girls, though one of the other girls made it known that she felt left out. I'll see how I feel by next week, and possibly talk about including everyone on our way to class next week, but at the moment I'm leaning toward more of a "wait and see" attitude. For one thing, the "left out" girl has kind of latched on to teacher's dd, and I've observed in previous weeks that teacher's dd tends to be annoyed by this (and frankly, I don't blame her, I've always found "clingy" friends annoying as well), another aspect of it was "left out girl" being more sensitive to things than my girls are, or than my girls are used to. So, whereas to my girls it was all in good fun to declare this girl the "monster" and run from her, and I would guess they fully expected her to react as they would have by "turning into a monster", she took it as them not wanting to play with her because they ran away. . . so we'll see how that whole dynamic plays out next week, and potentially, if it seems to continue to be an issue, I might try to talk to the teacher about it (I have more knowledge of this than the other moms because the girls prefer that I sit IN the room rather than in the hall, so I get to observe the class, whereas the other moms are only in there for the last few minutes of class) and see if she thinks it's something I should address further with the girls.

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