Saturday, December 22, 2007

Santa . . .huh?

I had to laugh, we went to the B&O train museum today (actually both of them, Baltimore & Ellicott City), and when we got to the one in Ellicott City, there was a Santa sitting in a little house outside handing out candycanes & such, the girls were shy about it, but willing to drag us up w/ them to get their candy canes (nobody else around so no waiting around). But then I was soooo amused to listen/watch as Santa tried to "be Santa" and the girls just looked at him kind of blankly. "Have you been good? I've been watching you . . ." (blank look, huh?) "What do you want for Christmas?" (shrug shoulders & give mommy a look that says "why's he asking me this?" . . . he tried a few other questions too. Santa's a fun, pretend, part of the holidays, but the concept of him actually bringing the presents or "watching to see if we're good" and such is not one we've ever taught them, so they were just rather puzzled by this "dressed up character" asking questions and such as if he were going to bring them presents. I found it highly amusing, both to watch their faces & also to watch him be abit baffled as to how to proceed w/ essentially no response from them :)

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