Thursday, December 20, 2007

Daddy's right . . .

Today the girls were playing outside when the neighbor kids got home from daycare/preschool . . . wherever they go LOL. The girls had taken the wagon, filled w/ snacks, soccer ball, another ball, and their hopper balls and who knows what else, to the other side of the cul de sac, spread out a playsilk/picnic blanket, and were having a picnic. When the neighbors got home, both the 5 yr old boy & the 4 yr old girl went over to where my girls were & the girls invited them to join in. It worked well for a little while but then M (5 yr old boy) started doing everything he could to annoy them. Part of the problem was the girls ran screaming every time he threatened anything (to chase them or whatever) so of COURSE he kept doing it . . . must work on the concept of "if you don't react, it's no fun, so they stop" but I'm not sure you can convince a 4 yr old of that LOL. Anyway . . . they finally decided that they (all 3 girls) were going to go play in our backyard, but I told them they needed to pick up/put away their toys from the 'picnic" first, and while I was helping them gather that stuff up, neighbor dad came out & called his kids to go somewhere.

As we were putting the toys back in the garage, the girls were saying they wished they could have just played w/ M2 (4yr old girl) w/o M bothering them, and then L said "Daddy was right!" I asked her what she meant, and she said 'boys ARE bad!!" I was too busy trying not to laugh to think to point out that A&J are boys, and some of her best friends (she insists she's going to marry one of them because they have the same last name as her & that way she won't have to change her name LOL). But I'm sure Daddy will be glad to hear that L thinks he's right . . . :)

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