Sunday, December 30, 2007

Homeschool for the next couple weeks

We're taking a "break" of sorts. We've officially ended the Water in Our World Unit (although there are a few odds & ends we may do over the next couple of weeks), but we're going to wait another week or 2 (I don't have my calendar in front of me, but I think we start it week after next) to start our next unit, which is on Sound, so we'll start the unit off by going to a Kinder Konzert the first week. Since the girls haven't been very interested in "school" lately anyway, for the most part I think we're just going to take a break, but there are random art projects, handwork projects and nature projects that we've skipped in previous units, that we can do if they're interested. I also found, when cleaning, a preschool "communication" curriculum that I got in a trade a couple years ago, I may pick and choose some things from it (I disagree with some of the stuff "taught" (for example, emphasis is placed on always talking to a grown up who speaks to you, this can be confusing (and therefore DANGEROUS) to a child who is also being taught "don't talk to strangers" because it essentially tells them they don't have the right to follow their instinct to not talk to those they don't know or aren't comfortable with) so it will be a pick and choose kind of thing, but there are a few games and such that I think the girls will enjoy & benefit from).

So, other then the weekly memory verse I probably won't have much on the "this week in homeschool" list for the next couple weeks, and that's why :)

The sound unit moves back to painting type stuff (watercolor pencils, to be exact) for art, which I think will help the girls be more excited about "school" again, these last couple units have been more textile arts type stuff that they aren't as into.

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