Sunday, December 30, 2007


First, an amusing anecdote from Sabbath School. The craft today was coloring a bookmark w/ today's memory verse (Children are a gift from the Lord.) and pictures of several kids' faces, and then gluing it onto cardstock & putting a ribbon through it. L & A chose to go to different tables so I ended up supervising A (and actually spent more of my time helping/supervising another little girl at our table who can't be more than 3 (kids are supposed to be 4 to be in this class, but some move over early for whatever reason) and whose parents/caregivers don't come to class with her, she was rather fascinated w/ having access to scissors & a glue stick with minimal supervision LOL) while dh was supervising L. When L was done, she brought her bookmark over to me & I commented on it being "all pink" (pink ribbon & cardstock, as would be expected, but also at first glance I thought she'd colored the entire picture pink as well). But when I commented on it, L said, "all pink except for the ears, they're brown" and sure enough, she'd colored the ears brown, but the rest of it is pink. When I asked her why the ears were brown she said "like the brown stuff in my ears" (ie. ear wax). I about died LOL.

This afternoon my parents & I took the girls down to the National Cathedral to see their Creche exibit. The girls had been so excited about the toy ones we unpacked w/ the Christmas decorations and equally thrilled to set up our ceramic nativity, so I figured they'd enjoy it. But before we got to the exhibit, they were SOOO enthralled with the Cathedral in general. L was absolutely amazed and couldn't get over the fact that "everything is made out of rocks!" (walls, ceilings, benches, floor . . .) We also went up to the 7th floor observation area and they loved that the "people look like toys" looking down from the windows.

There was a book in the nativity exhibit for people to leave comments about which nativity they liked best and such, so I asked the girls if they wanted to leave a note. A decided she liked the "igloo" one the best (from Alaska, eskimo-looking figures with an igloo in the background). L said "the clay one" which pretty much told me NOTHING since there were a LOT of pottery/terra cotta/clay ones (and to simplify I'd called all 3 of those materials clay when we were going through looking at them) so when I started taking her back through to see if she could show me WHICH clay one she liked, she said "I just like them all the same" so that's what we wrote for her note LOL. After that we spent a little while letting them burn off steam running around outside the cathedral.

Then we went on downtown & went to the National Greenhouse to see their train exhibit & such. I think the girls' favorite part was being able to read the map of the greenhouse and decide where to go to get to the next exhibit they wanted to see. Oh and A also needed my dad to show her where the sprinklers were that watered the plants (she is definitely my dad's granddaughter LOL). And the rest of the pictures are included in this album.

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