Friday, December 14, 2007

Logic and Other Happenings

This afternoon my parents came down and took the girls & I out to eat & to drive through the lights at Seneca Park on our way down, Dad stopped for gas and since it was in our town (which is known for being confusing to get around in), as we were leaving the gas station he asked "how do I get out of here?" or something along those lines. To which A piped up from the backseat "just go back the way we came" I had to laugh at that! Though in actuality, there WAS a more direct route back to the interstate, but still, it struck me a pretty good logic for a 4 yr old LOL.

As we drove through the Winter Lights, A spent more time trying to figure out how they got the lights to "move" (alot of the displays used a series of lights synchronized to blink on & off just right to make it look like a fish was jumping over the road, or a snowman was throwing a snowball or whatever) I told my dad she's definitely his granddaughter, wanting to know how everything works . . .

The girls were also pretty proud of themselves that they could figure out that the fish on one of the animated light things must be a salmon since it was jumping up a waterfall :) (that would be thanks to Magic School Bus)

When we left winter lights we thought it was late enough that we'd miss rush hour traffic, but there'd been an accident (and we didn't have the radio on, so didn't know about it) that had the interstate pretty much stopped. this of course raised tons of questions from the girls, and got Ashlyn all worried about such things. Once we were passed it, she said "just seeing the accident and hearing about it, makes me feel like *I* was in the accident" poor kid. . . I have a feeling she'll end up in our bed tonight with a bad dream, but we talked about how the people must not have been hurt too badly since we saw the ambulances leaving w/o their lights on, and such (the girls didn't bring up the possibility that the people had died, and I certainly wasn't going to plant that idea in their heads, but MD law requires them to totally close the road if there's a fatality, so we know that wasn't the case either) and I'm not sure what else we could've done to make it less scary. . .

The girls were exhausted by the time we got home (since waiting through the accident put us getting home quite abit later than expected) which made bedtime more difficult, at least the "getting them upstairs" part of bedtime. A laid down on her bed while L was choosing a story & by the time L had chosen the story, A was asleep. L did stay awake for her two stories, though I convinced her that since it had been a long day & she was so tired it was ok to let me read her stories instead of her reading the Bob books for her stories. She's doing really well with them & moving through them pretty quickly, but it's still a time consuming process to read them, and when she's tired she gets impatient and that makes it that much harder. I convinced her that she's not "giving up" to skip reading them for one night, and that she can read them more tomorrow if she wants. After stories, she realized that she'd never finished eating the cookie I'd given her before we went upstairs, so I told her to finish it & then she needed to go to sleep. She laid down on her bed to eat the cookie, and MIGHT have taken 2 bites before she fell sleep, I took the rest of it out of her hand, turned the light out, and left :)

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